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Learning alone is boring!

You really want to learn this new skill but you can't get yourself motivated?
What you need is a group to study with!
At Hubbing.net, you will find others who want to learn the same things.
With our special group exercises and challenges, you will replace boredom with fun!

Find a Hub in your city!

At our pilot Hub in Oslo, people meet every week to learn Norwegian.
Coming soon: In Vienna, we'll open a Hub for learning Spanish or German soon!

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You want to have a hub in your own city?
Contact us for information on how to open your own Learning Hub!

Experiential learning

We believe that boring self-study needs to be replaced with learning experiences.
Therefore, we give you exercises and challenges designed for modern learning in a group.
You get the challenge, your group has to find the solution yourself - this is what you'll remember forever.

Let's teach the world!

In order to give every child a quality education, we would need 69 Million new teachers.
We don't wait for miracles to happen, we believe that experiential learning can be part of the solution.
Our concept doesn't necessarily require a trained teacher. Therefore, it can be used in the remotest parts of the world.
We believe that teaching every child on the planet will make the world a better place!

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